The MFMS Network is an exclusive group of highly influential individuals across the fashion, retail and media industries representing the "leaders and the best." We at the MFMS hope to create an organized network that will further allow us to bridge the gap between our campus and the industry, while simultaneously fostering long lasting connections that will allow us to continue shaping the future fabric of fashion together.

The Contacts: All members of The MFMS Network will be added to our digital directory and LinkedIn group giving you full access to our highly connected community.

Exclusive Experiences: As the MFMS continues to grow, so will the experiences we host. Whether it’s a remote networking event or private dinner in New York, Chicago or LA, the events will be more frequent and span across the country as our organization and network grows. Additionally, you’ll receive free tickets to the 2019 MFMS along with an invite to the MFMS Launch Party as a member.

Mentoring Opportunities: If you’re interested, we would love to pair our Network with a member of the MFMS team, creating the opportunity to form a one-of-a-kind mentor-mentee relationship. Additionally, we are interested in having our members speak on campus both remotely and in person throughout the year.

Network Newsletter: Stay in the know with our monthly Newsletter that will make sure you’re up to date on all things MFMS. Hear about our speakers, the industry and what is happening on campus in one quick recap of an email each month.

Application available to all Industry Professionals, but acceptance is limited. To apply, please simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

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