Interested in applying to join the Michigan Fashion Media Summit Student Planning Team? Although we won’t be adding new members till the Fall, you are still able to apply now and we will contact you when our recruitment starts.

you can apply for THE FOLLOWING TEAMS:

Creative: Our Creative team produces all of our visual content. All the graphic design, all the pictures, all the creative assets. Skills needed include an eye for design, experience with Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator. All photographers should apply to this team as well.

Branding: Our killer social media presence is all thanks to our Branding team, making sure we stay connected and engaged on every social media platform. Skills needed include an understanding of our brand and aesthetic, great writing skills (for captions) and a pulse on the latest trends.

The Stitch: Our blog, The Stitch, produces curated content for our subscribers. The different segments of The Stitch you may be interested in writing about include Lifestyle, Campus, Business of Fashion, High Fashion, etc. Skills needed include excellent writing ability and a good sense of trends and what our demographic will enjoy hearing. Great at asking questions.

Marketing: Our Marketing team connects our organization to our U of M campus, other campuses, the fashion/retail industry and media outlets across the country. Skills needed include clear, concise communication ability (for outreach writing and handling inbounds), creativity (for brainstorming activations and ways to connect with our demographics) and excellent organization (for arranging activations, database keeping). You must be personable and not afraid to do outreach.

Finance: Our finance team budgets, projects, tracks and executes on all of our fundings and expenses. Skills needed include clear, concise writing ability (for U of M Council grants) and familiarity with Excel (for tracking funds).

Event Planning/Operations: Our Event Planning and Operations team executes the summit! We need a problem solver with stellar organization, great communication and a very high attention to detail.

Partnerships: Our Partnerships team funds the summit. Their responsibility, similar to a sales role, is to contact corporate partners and sell off assets for the summit to maximize our budget. Skills needed include clear communication, very personable (for getting on phone calls) and a good sense of how to negotiate.

Coordinators: Not sure where you belong, but want to get your feet wet? Our Coordinators will get to touch multiple projects, giving you the ability to explore multiple different roles. Skills needed include great communication skills, a drive to take initiative and an even better work ethic.

the application:

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