1998 → 2018: Denim on Denim

Picture this; the year is 1998. The Backstreet Boys are back, and they’re taking over the radio. You watch Friends every night (live on TV...not on Netflix) and forget your slim Macbook laptop, Apple just released the first iMac desktop computer. Feeling nostalgic yet? The fashion trends are even wilder- crimped hair, jelly shoes, and shell necklaces are more in style than ever.  


While we wouldn’t dare wear majority of 90s trends, we can look towards certain moments for modern day inspiration. While Destiny’s Child was dominating the charts with timeless hits like Say My Name, they were also killing the fashion game. When Destiny’s Child arrived at the 1998 Tommy Hilfiger Jeans at Macy’s release party in matching Tommy bandeaus and coordinated denim outfits, it was an iconic fashion moment of the 90s. The best parts of such iconic style moments is that we can look to them for fashion inspiration even today.

Via Getty Images

Via Getty Images

From the slouchy overalls to the Tommy underwear peeking out of the waistline, this look could easily be worn- and admired- 20 years later. Destiny’s Child’s denim ensemble at this event was a great predecessor to so many great denim moments during the late 90s and early 2000s. From this point on the denim on denim trend took off and was seen at countless red carpets events and in daily streetwear as well. I think we all remember the infamous arrival of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards in head to toe matching denim on denim outfits. And as much everyone laughed, this look is undoubtedly bold, fresh, and iconic.


While many trends have come and gone, denim has always remained a staple in everyone's closet. From bootcut jeans to denim skirts to skinny jeans to flare jeans to denim jackets and so on, the presence of denim has never faded. Can’t decide what to wear? Pair denim on denim for a bold yet timeless trend. To put a more modern twist on it, match two different washes of denim to have the outfit mesh well without being completely monochrome. Also dress up your denim with details such as fringe or zippers to make your look more edgy.


By looking at 90s trends for inspiration, bringing back retro trends has never been so easy. What other retro trends are you looking forward to bringing back in 2018? Leave your ideas below.

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