Virgil Abloh Named Louis Vuitton’s New Menswear Designer


This morning Louis Vuitton announced that Virgil Abloh, founder of streetwear label Off-White, will be the French fashion house’s newest artistic director for menswear. Abloh, who is Louis Vuitton’s first African American creative director, has inspiring and innovative ideas for the direction of the label. “I think of it as kind of the ultimate collaboration” Abloh told the New York Times, and fans of both Louis Vuitton and Off-White are already excitedly anticipating what this “collaboration” will bring. Hiring Abloh as the artistic director shows the new direction fashion is heading in, marrying luxury fashion with modern streetwear to make high-end fashion both relevant and available to younger consumers. Abloh not only wants to increase the crossover of both luxury and streetwear sectors, but is also enthusiastic to continue to use the designs he creates to make larger political statements. Abloh has always held strongly that using artistic expression to bring attention to global issues is an impactful way to bring the world together. We cannot wait to see what novel direction Abloh will take the fashion house in at the first showing of his designs, during Paris Men’s Fashion Week, this June.

Brian Zhao