5 Tips on Creating (and Maintaining) an Instagram Fashion Blog

By: Amy Rosner

The prospect of creating a fashion blog can be quite intimidating. In a digital world that is saturated by the visual, how do we make a name for ourselves? How can we stand out amongst a sea of thousands of picture perfect individuals? The truth is, there is way more to fashion blogs than designer clothes and perfectly manicured hair & makeup. A fashion blog is a a business, a brand, and an image all wrapped into one. Below are some tips to help you create (and maintain) a killer fashion blog that is seemingly impossible to ignore.

Tip #1: Networking

Networking is the key to success in any industry- fashion blogging is no exception. It is imperative to connect with other bloggers and brands in order to establish both personal and professional relationships. These relationships are crucial as they can provide collaboration opportunities and have the potential to open many doors down the line. Although you may be reluctant to reach out to public figures and companies bigger than yourself, the results can be quite rewarding. If formal phone calls aren’t your style, use the Instagram direct message feature to connect with individuals in the field of fashion. Social media platforms are at the center of the fashion blogging industry, and we should utilize them to not only produce content, but to expand our professional networks.

Tip 2: Marketing

Public figures aren’t created overnight. In order to make a dent in the fashion industry, you need to get your name out there. There are multiple tactics you can employ to gain publicity. From personal experience, the most effective is using an already established account to promote a less established one- use your social Instagram account to advertise your fashion blog. We have hundreds or even thousands of followers on our personal accounts, some we are best friends with and others we know from our college friends camp friends sisters dog. But regardless, don’t be afraid to spam your followers feeds with content from your fashion blog. The more content you post, the more self-promotion you are engaging in. You already have a loyal network of followers on your personal account, which will hopefully expand into an even larger network of followers on your fashion account.

Tip #3: Investments

It’s no secret that the fashion industry comes with a high price tag. We all want to look the part, and that often requires doing some damage to our bank accounts. Don’t be mistaken- we aren’t encouraging you to spend a ridiculous amount of money on high-end garments and accessories. But we are encouraging you to make investments in things that will make you appear more professional, like a photographer.  A skilled photographer will increase your credibility, in addition to providing you with unique content ideas. In order to climb the ranks in the world of fashion blogging, you need to be willing to invest- both with time and money.

Tip #4: Creativity

In the competitive field of fashion blogging, It’s all about getting noticed. People will scroll past your posts if your content isn’t eye-catching. So how do you distinguish yourself from all the other aspiring bloggers? The answer is creativity. Pose in interesting places to grab people’s attentions- on motorcycles, in bus stops, in the middle of an ice cream stand. In terms of outfits, wear things that are bold and tailored to your personality. A bright red blazer and translucent heeled booties will leave your viewers wanting more. We are encouraging you to take that risk- to step out of your comfort zone. Do whatever you need to do to stay memorable in people’s minds.

Tip #5: Know Your Audience

The fashion blogging industry caters to many different demographics- you need to connect with these different target markets to stay relevant. If you only post clothing from niche boutiques, you are appealing to a very small sect of people: those who can afford designer clothing. An easy way to attract a larger following is to combine both high and low brands in your posts. This way, you are appealing to a wide variety of audiences. As a result, you will widen your public outreach. But on a less tangible level, you are becoming a universal figure that is relatable to all. The relatability factor is key to maintaining success; our society thrives off of the “stars: they’re just like us!” phenomenon.

So there you have it, five tips to help you turn your hobby into a full-blown career!

Brian Zhao