L’Oréal Joins the Fight for Sustainability

By: Amy Rosner

The MFMS is proud to welcome L'Oréal, the world leader in beauty, as an Official Partner of the MFMS. With 34 international brands under their ownership, the group’s mission is to provide the best cosmetics innovation to women and men around the world with respect for their diversity. But this iconic company has another objective as well: to save our planet.

As of February 2019,  L'Oréal has been deemed the global leader in sustainability. The cosmetic company is committed to tackling four primary objectives: reduce climate change, decrease our environmental footprint, mitigate deforestation, and ensure water security. L'Oréal’s commitment to the environment is not new. In fact, they launched the Sharing Beauty with All campaign in 2013- a platform that aims to protect the beauty of our environment (L’Oreal Finance). Although created six years ago, the campaign sets goals for 2020; this speaks to both the immensity of these objectives, in addition to the longevity of L'Oréal’s commitment to biodiversity.  According to L'Oréal Finance, The Sharing Beauty with All campaign operates on four dimensions:

  1. Innovating sustainably, to improve the environmental profile of products

  2. Producing sustainably, to reduce the environmental footprint of plants and distribution centres

  3. Living sustainably, giving consumers the possibility to make sustainable consumption choices

  4. Developing sustainably, to share growth with all the Group’s stakeholders: communities, suppliers, and employees

Evidently, the Sharing Beauty with All campaign promotes environmental conscientious from the production stage, to the manufacturing stage, and ultimately  the consumption stage. L'Oréal’s efforts send the message that sustainability should be achieved across all domains of the corporation. Thus, commitment to our environment is more than just a business practice, but a lifestyle.

L'Oréal’s dedication to sustainability is unprecedented. While other companies have made attempts to reduce their carbon footprint,  L'Oréal’s efforts are unmatched; they are the leaders in innovation and environmental responsibility. Just like Michigan students, the faces behind the L'Oréal brand are the victors, the leaders and best. And on a much smaller scale, the MFMS is like L'Oréal in more ways than one. Members of MFMS do not follow. We lead. We are attempting to carve our own path and make a change in the fashion and beauty industry. We had a revolutionary idea, and we rolled with it.

Both L'Oréal and the MFMS look towards the future for change. We too have far-reaching goals for 2019 and 2020. Just like L'Oréal, we are constantly found asking, what can we do next?

Brian Zhao