What’s inside our bag? MFMS edition.

Want to know everything about a person? Look inside their bag. What somebody carries tells a much larger narrative: the holy grails he or she can absolutely not live without. Yes, you heard me. He or she- bags are not limited to one sex. We strut down the streets wearing our dope Rebecca Minkoff crossbody. You’ll be the star of the show with this star-printed bag. And while our bag is eye-catching, don’t judge a book by its cover. Read below to see what’s inside of our bag. We know you’re dying to know.


iPhone X + Customized Case

Us fashionistas aren’t just updated on the latest trends, but the latest technology too. We wouldn’t be caught with an outdated apple product. Since we’re always on the run, our cell phones are a necessity. Let’s be real, our phones are really at the bottom of our bags. To spice up your sleek black phone, order a customized case from Off My Case. You can get your name or any cool design you want. This adds personalization- and flare- to an otherwise basic product.

Happy Plug Headphones

Music is the soundtrack of our lives. As we strut down the street, we need a beat to accompany the sounds of our leather boots on the concrete pavement. Consequently, we always carry headphones in our purse. If you want to spice it up a bit, invest in a pair of silver Happy Plug Headphones- you can find them at our favorite store, Bandier. These headphones are super trendy, and add a subtle edge to a classic item. We would be lost without some good tunes, and by extension, our stylish headphones.


Black Le Specs Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a staple to any outfit. We never leave the house without our matte black Le Specs sunglasses. Trendy, yet timeless, these shades do it all. Whether you’re hungover from last night’s activities (check out our Sunday brunch menu), or wanting some extra swag for your look, Le Spec doesn’t disappoint. They even come with a sleek case so you don’t lose them at the bottom of your bag! If we die, bury us with sunglasses on.


Red Matte Lipstick

Red lips are fierce- they scream confidence. Matte lips are totally the way to go. Besides, glitter is soooo last year. Our favorite lip shade is Ruby Woo from Mac Cosmetics. Make sure to throw whatever lip color you are wearing in your bag. Especially when weather conditions are unfavorable, the color easily fades. We normally reapply after eating or drinking, which turns out to be quite often. You never want to be stuck without your signature shade. It’s like walking out of the house half-dressed- unacceptable.


Chic Card Holder

Since we all love shopping, our credit cards are a necessity for survival. To prevent losing our cards at the bottom of our bags, we always carry around a portable credit card holder (this really comes in handy during a huge sale). While shopping is a huge part of our day to day routine, we are also working women on the go. Cardholders are perfect for our spare business cards in case a trendy internship comes our way. When choosing a cardholder, we consider two factors: functionality and style. What’s the point of sporting something if it doesn’t align with the latest trends? We’re loving our Alice and Olivia pouch with the classic sunglasses and red lip design. So practical, and of course, soooo chic.


Chanel N. 5 Perfume

Last but definitely not the least, is our mini bottle of Chanel N.5 perfume. Oldie but a goodie, this scent never goes out of style. Same with lipstick, scents usually fade throughout the day.There is nothing worse than smelling like the tuna salad your co-worker ate for lunch. To make prevent this from EVER happening, carry your favorite scent around you at all times. It’s the perfect pick me up after a long, tiring day. Pro Tip: most perfumes come in travel versions which are super easy to keep in your purse!


You now have a better idea of the products we can’t live without. We aren’t just trendy, but practical too! We hope you’re inspired to fill your bag with all your go-to items. Fashion is a personal choice- customization is key. You choose the bag and the contents. The emphasis is on YOU. So now that you know what’s in our bag, what’s in yours? Tell us in the comments below.

Brian Zhao