Today is March 8th–International Women’s Day. Founded in 1914, today celebrates women’s right to vote. Scratch that. It’s 2018, ladies.

Today celebrates something way larger than women’s political participation.  Today celebrates the immense progress women have made in the world of politics, entertainment, and, of course, fashion. Today celebrates the fearless leaders of the industry. Today celebrates the women who said “Screw You” to Patriarchy.

Traditionally, we commemorate Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony and Hillary Clinton.  But today, we applaud Coco Chanel, Anna Wintour and Rachel Zoe. We praise Mindy Scheier for fostering inclusion and acceptance in the fashion industry. We highlight Ashley Graham for demolishing the notion that beauty is determined by waist size. We commend the #MeToo activists who took a stance on the Red Carpet. Today is not about clothes; today is about the bold, brave, and badass women behind the seams.

Today, well today is about the women who made fashion a platform for activism. Today is about change.

Brian Zhao